Organization & Membership

The Centre is managed by a Council composed of the following:

The Chairman | The Vice Chairman | The Honorary Secretary | The Honorary Treasurer and Ten other members.

Members of the Council are elected from among members of the Centre for a term of two years.


There are three categories of Members of the Centre, viz., Ordinary Members, Associate Members and Honorary Members

Membership of the Centre in this Category is open to professionals, such as Lawyers, Accountants, Engineers and Architects who are qualified to act as arbitrators or conciliators by virtue of their experience, competence, professional standing and integrity. In the case of lawyers, the requisite Qualifications are: a. A minimum of ten years as a lawyer, subject to the approval of council; b. Proven competence in an area relevant to arbitration or conciliation and c. High moral character and impeccable integrity. The qualifications with respect to members of other professions will be determined by the Centre in consultation with the relevant Professional bodies. The Chairman of Council Ghana Arbitration Centre P.O. Box GP 18615, Accra The Secretariat of the Centre is located at H/No. C122 A/3. Farrar Avenue, Asylum Down, Accra.
The Centre may admit any person including corporate entities as associate members and may prescribe qualifications and criteria for such membership. Associate members may participate in all proceedings and deliberations of the Centre but without the right to vote. The relevant qualifications for associate membership are yet to be prescribed. The membership fee in this category shall be determined by the Council from time to time.
The centre may authorize the Council to admit to honorary membership any person, whether or not an ordinary or associate member, who in the opinion of the Council, has rendered significant service to the Centre or contributed substantially to the realisation of the objects of the Centre. No fee is payable in respect of this category of membership.
It is the policy of the Centre to collaborate with internal and external institutions to reinforce the process of dispute settlement and to expose the Centre to instructive developments in other countries. In this regard, the Centre is entering into collaborative agreement with the Ghana Chamber of Commerce and the Private Enterprise Foundation. The Centre has also concluded co-operation agreements with the Association of Arbitrators of Southern Africa and the Indian Council of Arbitration. We trust that the professional and business community will welcome and support this endeavour to strengthen the settlement of disputes.