Our Objectives

Our Objectives

by Alice

Objectives of the centre

The Ghana Arbitration Centre is an autonomous, non-profit making institution, incorporated in October 1996, as a company limited by guarantee under the Companies Code, 1963 (Act 179).

The objects of the Centre are:

  • To provide a forum for the Resolution of disputes through Arbitration, and other alternative dispute resolution mechanisms (ADR).
  • To promote the resolution of disputes through Arbitration and ADR and the study of the laws, rules, practices and procedures relating thereto.
  • To promote opportunities for educating the public through the reading of papers, delivering of lectures and the holding of seminars on the subjects of Arbitration and ADR.
  • To publish or assist in the publication of proceeding of the Centre and of books, articles and papers on Arbitration and ADR.
  • To sponsor, study and research in Arbitration and ADR and provide fellowships, grants, scholarships and bursaries for this purpose to deserving applicants.
  • To affiliate and or co-operate with any other Centre, societies or organizations which have similar objectives.
  • To provide accreditation for members of the Centre to act as arbitrators or mediators or conciliators in resolving domestic and international disputes.


  • Established by senior Ghana Lawyers
  • Office in Asylum Down, Accra
  • Our procedures are expeditious and cost-effective
  • Sponsored by senior members of the Ghanaian legal profession
  • Internationally recognized
  • We are autonomous, non-profit making institution
The Centre continues the responsibility in dealing with a vast variety of clients and providing the very best in dispute resolution.