Recourse to Centre

Recourse to Centre

by Alice

Recourse to the Centre

  • Parties to a contract may provide in advance in the contract that disputes arising under or in connection with the contract will be referred to the Centre for Settlement by arbitration or conciliation or other ADR mechanisms.
  • Parties to a dispute which may or may not be pending before a court may also agree adhoc to refer such a dispute to the Centre for resolution by Arbitration or other ADR mechanisms.
  • The Centre will maintain a National Panel of Arbitrators and Conciliators, being accredited members of the Centre who have been duly selected to act in these capacities.
  • Parties who refer disputes to the Centre for settlement may appoint arbitrators or conciliators, as the case may be, directly or request the Centre‚Äôs assistance in selecting them from the above panel. It has to be stressed that the selection of arbitrators or conciliators is the prerogative of the parties to the dispute. The Centre may offer assistance if mandated by the parties.
  • The Centre has issued Arbitration Rules that will govern the initiation and conduct of Arbitration proceedings. Under the auspices of the Centre, the arbitration agreement between parties to a dispute that provide for arbitration under the auspices of the Centre. In due course, the Centre will formulate appropriate rules to govern conciliation proceedings.

Three day workshop on Domestic and International Arbitration with Practical Exercises

  • 4th to 6th of July 2018 from 9.00am to 4.30pm each day at the Accra Marriot Hotel, Airport, Accra.
  • This event is for Legal Practitioners, Judges, Arbitrators and ADR Practitioners
  • Download forms at or get forms at the offices of the Ghana Arbitration Centre

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